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Welcome to

Leeming Dental

At Leeming Dental, our team of dentists 

and dental professionals focus not only on 

aesthetic cosmetic treatment, such as teeth

whitening, but we also offer an extensive

range of preventative, restorative and

general dentistry treatments and services

to meet our patients’ needs.

Welcome to

Leeming Dental

At Leeming Dental, our team of dentists 

and dental professionals focus not only on 

aesthetic cosmetic treatment, such as teeth

whitening, but we also offer an extensive

range of preventative, restorative and

general dentistry treatments and services

to meet our patients’ needs.

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Teeth whitening  

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Why choose us?

5 great reasons to choose Leeming Dental

Top Rated Dentist In Perth

Providing excellent client experiences

Find out why 
our clients are satisfied

Digital Dentistry

Intra-oral 3D scanners,  CAD software, milling machines and 3D-printers for improved patient care & experience

Quality dental care

Professional expertise & experience in all aspects of dental treatment

Dr Sonny Lee

Dr Sash Fernando

Easy payment options

Instant health fund claims via HICAPS

Flexible interest free payment plans

Gentle Care

Minimal prep & less invasive treatment

In our restorative & cosmetic treatments, we preserve your natural tooth structure 


Hear from our patients

I have been seeing Sash for almost 7 years! She is always as welcoming as ever! Thanks for always making my visits so easy! Love Leeming Dental, the rest of the staff are just as great!

Yvonne Lai

My dentist was extremely gentle and accommodating and talked me through the whole process, leading me to feel very comfortable and relaxed. I 100% would recommend Leeming Dental Centre. 

Naomi Short

First visit to Leeming Dental Centre and was booked in with Dr Sonny Lee. Right from the get go it was a wonderful experience. Overall a fantastic experience from a dentist clinic that truly cares.

Chris Alexander

Certified Accreditation

Safe and quality dental care

At Leeming Dental, our dental practice has achieved what is known as practice accreditation.

That means our staff have completed a process that meets high dentistry standards. We also share

a commitment to always improve and deliver safe, quality dental care – for you and your family.


Leeming Dental has also been recognised for excellence in professional practice.

Leeming Dental

Payment Plans

In order to make our services

and treatments affordable

for as many people as possible,

 we offer payment plans 

with 0% interest.

On-the-spot health fund claims

Leeming Dental is an approved provider for most major private health funds. 

We use the latest HICAPS terminals for instant on-the-spot processing of your health fund claims.

CEREC crowns

In the busy 21st century, customer expectations have changed. Our spare time is precious. So we prefer to shop online, make instant payments, and have our purchases delivered straight to our door. Businesses that can promptly deliver quality goods and great customer...

What are the benefits of good tongue posture?

Everyone has knows the benefits of good body posture, but not too many people know about tongue posture. Proper tongue posture is very important to oral development and even one's face shape. Good tongue posture helps correct oral development The principles of tongue...

The oral bacteria that destroy your brain’s nerve cells

According to a recently published study conducted by the University of Bergen, Norway, certain oral bacteria play a "decisive" role in the development of Alzheimer's in an individual. In a news statement released on June 3, 2019, lead researcher Piotr Mydel stated...

Can oral bacteria cause Alzheimer’s disease?

If you have poor oral hygiene then you are probably at a higher risk of a number of oral health issues such as plaque, tartar, tooth decay, cavities and chronic gum disease (periodontal disease). That's because inadequate oral hygiene opens the door to potentially...

WARNING – Smoking damages your oral health!

Smoking is bad for your general health but did you know that smoking is a major contributor to oral health problems also? While smoking is well known as a cause of tooth discolouration, loss of your sense of taste, and bad breath, it also has damaging effects on the...

Straight teeth can improve your oral health

People want straighter teeth for a number of reasons, including improving one's cosmetic appearance and smile-confidence. But did you know that straighter teeth can improve your oral health? The health benefits of straight teeth Recent research shows that people who...

Foods and drinks that stain your teeth

Brushing your teeth twice daily and seeing your dentist for a professional clean are two of the best ways to maintain a bright, healthy smile. However, no matter how clean and free of plaque your teeth may be, there is one thing that can prevent your teeth from being...

World Oral Health Day 2018 – Your mouth is a mirror to your body

On 20 March 2018, it is World Oral Health Day. So Happy World Oral Health Day from all the staff at Leeming Dental! The mouth and body connection This year's theme focuses on the link between a healthy mouth and a healthy body, and the way each affects the other. The...

Australian child oral health habits in 2018

In January 2018, the Online Research Unit of The Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne conducted a national survey of 2,073 parents or caregivers. The randomly selected survey group reflected Australian population figures, with data collected from 3,992 children...

Foods and drinks to avoid if you have tooth sensitivity

Here are the "worst of the worst" foods and drinks for food sensitivity:   Soft drinks (including alcohol and sugar-free, artificially sweetened drinks). The biggest culprit of them all. When you drink them, you effectively bathe your teeth in a highly acidic...

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